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bitRipper 1.31

Rip a DVD movie to AVI on the fly

A few years ago the task of ripping a DVD movie to your hard drive was so complicated that not everyone could do it. Nowadays it can get as easier as cicking on a button, which is just the way BitRipper works. This tool is probably the easiest way...
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  • by Anonymous

    Crashes every time. I tried bitripper on XP win7. with 3 different DVD's oand in every case it crashed after about 40%. Glad I didn't buy it!!! Pros: It's free. Cons: It doesn't work!

  • by Anonymous

    bitRipper doesn't work.. bitRipper doesn't work. I tried to rip a movie that was around 2 hours long and bitRipper would crash/stop working. Tried a 7 minute video on the same DVD and it worked only the video is choppy.